Eagle Level Donors

The Ona Speedway

Birdie Level Donators

Huntington Federal Savings
Holiday Pools
Herald Dispatch

Par Level

Chad Barry
Larry Tweel
M.U. Baseball – 1978
Jim Cummings-Mass Mutual
Ayers Animal Hospital
Reid Frye
Fabric Town
Dan Fergusonn
Call Insurance
Mike Stapleton
Hess, Stewart & Campbell
Bloss & Dillard
Linda & Gary Stapleton
Cabell Huntington Hostpital

Former Players

Repass Consulting
Spellacy Law Firm
John Gregory
The Stoll Group
Dan Wells
Jack Lengyel
Bob Pruett
Tom Russell
Tom Smith
Dennis Foley
Dave Walsh
Pete Diabo
Lester Hicks
Bob Cambell
Woody Woodrum
Joe Fralic
Eric Inhat
Eric Gates
Jason Toy
Larry McCloud
Frank Ellwood
Todd Ellwood
George Chaump
Steve Stoll

Donators in Kind

Dairy Queen
G. D. Ritzy’s
Fat Patty’s
Buddy’s Bar B Q
Eagle Distributing

If you would like to become a sponser, please send us a message and let us know how we can work together.