Our Mission

All proceeds to benefit both athletic and academic endowments to Marshall University in Marcelo's name and the 1970 Marshall University football team.

Tournament History

In 2007, the Lajterman family started a golf outing in New Jersey to honor their brother/son, Marcelo, who was killed in the 1970 Marshall University plane crash. The purpose of the outing was to raise money to establish an endowed academic scholarship in Marcelo’s memory.

The endowment was set up through the Marshall University Foundation. In 2013, the family moved the outing to Huntington. Many of the profits were used to establish a second endowment with the Marshall University Athletic Department. The balance was used to increase the endowment with the foundation. The new endowment has been titled The Marcelo Lajterman and the 1970 Thundering Herd Football Team. The Lajterman family is now the only family connected with the tragedy that have both an academic and an athletic endowment.